End notes

Dear friends and clients,

I’m writing to let you know that, as of January 2019, I will be ending operations of Hands Hooves Hearts and concluding my work as an equine massage therapist as I prepare to return to school. Reflecting on ten years of practice as a massage therapist, and the best six of those years working exclusively with horses here in Virginia, I feel beyond fortunate to have spent time in a field that connected me with incredible people, animals, learning opportunities, and stories every step of the way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Some practical considerations: 

  • I will keep all pre-scheduled appointments through December 31, 2018. 

  • I will reimburse any prepaid massages or PEMF sessions that I am unable to fulfill prior to December 31. I will contact those of you with prepaid sessions to ask about your preferred form of reimbursement. 

  • If you want to retain your horse’s intake forms and original session charts, please reply with your current mailing address and I will send them out to you. (If we are scheduled to meet this month, I will bring your horse’s paperwork to give to you during our session.) After one year, I will discard any unclaimed records.

Hands Hooves Hearts has been just one of many equine bodywork providers in our area, and I am honored to direct you to two others in particular as you consider your horses’ ongoing bodywork needs: manual therapist Dirk Hambloch and PEMF practitioner Suzette Bodner. Please see their websites to read more about Dirk and Suzette and their excellent offerings. I know your horses will be in great hands with both.

Thank you once again for supporting a fledgling business, for sharing of yourselves and your own insights, for so generously bringing me into Central Virginia’s peerless equestrian community, and above all, for trusting me to assist in caring for your extraordinary horses. I am immensely grateful for every one of you, and I hope I have given you a fraction of all that you gave me.

Happy trails to you and your horses,