photo by  Kimerlee Curyl

Intake Form

Please complete this intake form prior to your horse's first massage.  It can be submitted online or downloaded, printed, and brought to your session.

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  • Schedule during barn down-time. With fewer distractions, your horse will be better primed to achieve the state of relaxation that enhances the global healing properties of his massage. Plan to allow approximately 90 minutes for initial consultations and 45 minutes for follow-up appointments.

  • Have him cool and dry. If you ride and/or bathe your horse before his session, please allow him ample time to cool down and dry off before his massage. This ensures the most accurate assessment of your horse's varied layers of tissues.

  • Encourage mobility following a massage. The time after your horse's massage offers a valuable opportunity for neuromuscular repatterning. To capitalize on this time, I recommend hand walking, lightly riding, or simply turning your horse out for the rest of the day.

  • Please have payment ready at time of service. See the "Rates" page for fees, travel policies, and conditions.

  • Further reading: Browse the article category "What to Expect" for more information about the stages before, during, and after your horse's massage to ensure that you both get the most out of his session.