Prepare for Your Horse's Massage

  • Develop a game plan, or wing it—your call!  Some owners like to schedule with goals in mind; others are just curious to see what comes up in a loosely-framed session.  Either orientation is fine and will serve your horse well.
  • Between regularly scheduled sessions, please take note of any changes in your horse’s behavior, diet, mood, or performance.
  • Whenever possible, scheduling during barn down-time hours (e.g. away from feeding times) will promote your horse's greatest relaxation during his massage.
  • If you ride your horse prior to his session, please allow him ample time to cool down and dry off before I arrive.  Avoid bathing your horse or using coat polishers like ShowSheen® before his massage.  As long as he is dry and free of any major dirt clumps, he's ready to go.
  • Please plan to allow approximately 45 minutes for your horse's massage, or 25-40 minutes for a Magna Wave treatment.  Initial sessions include discussions and static/dynamic observations that may cause the appointment to run longer.
  • Ask questions! Please be in touch with me at any time if there's anything I can help explain or clarify about your horse's upcoming massage.